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Point Of Sales System (POS) + Cloud Based Accounting System

We have Point of Sales System which can be uploaded to the Cloud-Based Accounting System end of the day. The POS System can be used offline and the data can be uploaded to the Web-Based Accounting System. POS has basic inventory control Reports.

The Point of Sales System has been designed and developed to match all retail sales shops and supermarkets. All inventory related reports are available in the POS and Cloud-Based Accounting System as well.


  • ● Bar code scanning for item search.

  • ● Easy Product Search by its name and adding products in Sales Invoice Screen itself.

  • ● Yards to Meter conversion facility.

  • ● Line by line discount and total Discount for a Bill.

  • ● Integrated with Pole display and Cash Drawer.

  • ● Easy short cut keys to make very user friendly operation.

  • ● Sales breakdown with cash/card/Cheque and Credit sales.

  • ● Inventory Report and sales analysis by items on daily and for date period.

  • ● Upload P.O.S data to Cloud-Based Accounting System



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