Welcome to INFODATA System

INFODATA System offers a variety of Advanced Functions and integrates seamlessly with a wide range of industries. The following are some examples of industries already benefiting from using INFODATA applications.

  • Wholesale & Distribution and Retailers.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Importing & Exports.
  • Office Accounting.
  • Food & Beverage.

And we have provided the below solution to the above industries with customization of the their requirements.

  • Online order Accepting App on Android Tab.
  • Warehouse Management System integrating with Main Warehouses.
  • Inventory Control with Point of Sales System.
  • General Ledger.
  • Debtors Ledger.
  • Creditors Ledger.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Manufacturing System which suits to all the industries.
  • Import Costing Module.
  • Cheque Management System.
  • Cheque Writing Module.
  • Payroll and Time Attending System.